Pacific Coast, Guatemala. January 2014.

We like pizza.

Empty Lot teaser from Empty Lot on Vimeo.

Empty Lot is a series of design events taking place throughout Guatemala City, each time in a different 'hackable' location.

Here's a quick teaser I made up...

I've always been a pretty bad driver - compounded by the fact I know crap all about cars. Here's a quick list of notable incidents for your reading pleasure. Predominant themes of old cars, stationary objects and my woeful parking ability.

2004 - 06: Ford Fiesta '94
(i) Crashed (very slowly) into parked car in front of a Spar in Fallowfield, Manchester
(ii) Reversed into a lampost, outside a mate's house, Hulme.
(iii) Electrics suddenly failed on a 4-lane motorway somewhere between Manchester and Newcastle. In heavy rain. Great.

2007: Nissan Sunny '06
(i) Curled into the side of neighbours front garden wall. Bramhall, Stockport.

2010-12: Toyota Tercel '91
(i) Tyre burst (hit a pothole), lost control of back wheels, 180 spin down C. El Salvador (CA-1), Guatemala City. Crunched into the central cement barrier before rolling back into the side ditch. Miracolously didn't hit another vehicle (or kill myself).

(ii) Oversized 4x4 monster smacked into my passenger side doing an illegal turn (4x4, not me). Destroyed 2 panels and passenger windows. On the way to the printers, somewhere from Roosevelt to Zone 12.

2012: Volkswagen Polo '06
(i) Reversed into a tree, lost a mirror. Outside printers in Zone 10.

(ii) Later that day, taxi crashed into my rear (not my fault). Driving home, Zone 4.

2013: Toyota Celica ST '76
My current steed...when I bought this it was a really beautiful, sporty, low-end classic in mint condition...

(i) After 2 weeks scraped an HGV - crumpled my side panels and lost a mirror (wholly my fault - HGV slight loss of paint on one wheel). Just after dropping off artwork at clients, Zone 10.

(ii) Cable connecting accelerator pedal to motor snapped around 11pm, on the wrong side of Zone 4. Kudos to the mechanic for coming out and sorting it out, no hesitation. Good guy.

2013: Volkswagen Polo '06
(update): crushed wing mirror into parking paystation. Reforma Diez parking, Zone 10.

With this in mind, I tend to avoid driving if at all possible. Not easy in a city like Guatemala.

Yesterday was national Architect's Day here in Guatemala.

Have a great day architects!

Now back to work!!
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